Thai Ginger Stir Fry

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From: $7.50

From: $7.50

FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Thai Ginger. This sweet and light dish with fresh vegetables, white rice, your choice of protein and FRESH basil is sure to satisfy. Add guacamole below.

Give our vegan version a taste!  We sauce, spice & seared chickpeas to perfection.



Protein, vegetables, and rice-the Mac Daddy of all Prepz. This Go-To dish has countless of flavor combinations, and we are here to try try them all! Each week our Prepsterz take a classic meal prep favorite and create an enticing new Prep filled with fresh new textures, color, and of course taste!

Some flavors include; Italian, Balsamic, Curry, Hawaiian, Sweet n Sour, BBQ. 

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Weight 8 oz
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Standard, Low Carb, Extra Protein, Vegan